Electrician in Cape Cod, MA

Regardless of the type of electrical project you need completed in Cape Cod, MA, consider having Michael D Hollister Electrician supply you with an electrician. We're fully licensed and insured for many different electrical services and highly experienced with both commercial and residential projects. Our services cover:

  • Home electrical lighting
  • Electrical designs
  • Generator sales and installations
  • Commercial electrical wiring

By paying attention to details, we're able to get jobs done correctly the first time we come to your property. We focus on excellent customer service so that we can create long-term customers who trust in our results. We are committed to our community and have won awards from local tech schools for hiring and helping students entering the field. We also contribute to local charities.

We have long been an accredited member of the BBB and are committed to meeting all the expectations of our customers. Michael D Hollister Electrician offers friendly and professional services. We view our work as electricians in Cape Cod as an investment in every home. Contact us to find out more and set up an appointment.